We are a locally owned and operated family business with extensive knowledge and experience seeking adventure in Kachemak Bay.

Our team of local guides and water taxi captains are biologist, educators and commercial fishermen knowledgeable in the rich marine biodiversity of Kachemak Bay and the people who live here. We are grateful to be able to call this place home and find great joy in sharing this place with you.

Our Team - Dedicated and Adventurous

Willy Dunn

Boat Captain and Guide

Willy is a retired biologist with over 40 years of professional experience conducting research on a variety of wild fish, mammals and birds. He has been navigating the waters of Southcentral Alaska since 1987 and became a Coast Guard licensed captain in 1995. He has worked and traveled around Alaska and the world, but he knows and loves Kachemak Bay, the place he calls home, better than anywhere else.

Meghan Duryea

Office Manager

Meghan Duryea is from Anchorage, but recently relocated to Homer. She always said Homer was her favorite place in the world, and she’s so excited to be living here now. Meghan speaks Japanese fluently, and has lived in Japan two different times. She loves to travel and always brings her camera along on all the adventures. Meghan loves to sing and perform and also enjoys making art when there’s time to spare. She is always trying to hop on the kayak tours, because her need for adventure and a Chaco tan is deeply engrained, even with her role in the office.

Adam Gent


I am a huge fan of the outdoors. Some of my favorite things to do are hiking, snowboarding, rock climbing, kayaking, fishing, and playing guitar. After I graduated from the University of North Carolina, I spent a year teaching in my home state of IL. I told my students I was retiring early, but really, I’m just taking a year or two (or three) to explore. I am stoked for my third summer in Homer.

Courtney Moody


Courtney has been a sea kayak and whitewater guide for 8 years as far south as Veracruz and as far north as Denali, but found herself enamored by the wildlife and beauty of Kachemak Bay. First visiting Homer on a whim several years ago, she never really left and fell in love with everything the bay offered. With a passion to share and educate, guiding has always been a joy for her. She is an avid birder and appreciator of the “lesser” creatures in the bay. In addition to kayaking, Courtney is a hobbyist photographer, firefighter/EMT, part time forager, and maintains her small parcel of land as a mini bird preserve.

Alan Parks

Boat Captain and Guide

In 1976, Alan arrived in Kachemak Bay beginning a career commercial fishing lasting almost four decades. His knowledge of fisheries and the marine environment coupled with a passion for marine conservation and stewardship is unique in the commercial fishing industry. His thirst for adventure has taken him to many parts of the world to ski, hike, bike and explore among diverse peoples and cultures. He is always happy to return home to Kachemak Bay where another adventure always awaits.

Hoxie Parks

Boat Captain and Guide

Hoxie Parks was born and raised in Homer. He is the captain for the businesses main boat, the Billyhawk. He is currently attending the University of Alaska Anchorage and is pursuing a degree in Aviation. He is passionate about the outdoors whether he’s traveling by boat on the Kachemak Bay or flying above the Chugiak Mountain Range. He is excited to show each traveler just a glimpse of the fantastic experiences that Kachemak Bay has to offer and the place he calls home.

Aaron Taliesin


Aaron Taliesin is Alaskan born and raised. He is passionate about the wilderness places of Alaska and exploring them to the fullest extent. Aaron is a college student pursuing his BA of clinical psychology with a focus on adventure therapy at Alaska Pacific University. He enjoys hiking, skiing, kayaking, and generally exploring this vast natural playground.

Jackson Theobald


Jackson Theobald is a long way from home in the high desert of New Mexico.  He is currently studying for a career in aviation at the University of Alaska in Anchorage.  He loves the outdoors, and spends his free time camping, skiing, snowboarding mountain biking, and kayaking.  He was also a Ski Patroller at Sandia Peak Ski Area. He looks forward to sharing this beautiful part of the world with you.

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St. Augustine's Kayak & Tours, Alan's Water Taxi & Kachemak Bay Adventures, and the Parks family support conservation organizations by volunteering our time and contributing part of our income to environmental and conservation issues.