We are a locally owned and operated family business with extensive knowledge and experience seeking adventure in Kachemak Bay.

Our team of local guides and water taxi captains are biologist, educators and commercial fishermen knowledgeable in the rich marine biodiversity of Kachemak Bay and the people who live here. We are grateful to be able to call this place home and find great joy in sharing this place with you.

Our Team - Dedicated and Adventurous

Alan Parks

Boat Captain and Guide

In 1976, Alan arrived in Kachemak Bay beginning a career commercial fishing lasting almost four decades. His knowledge of fisheries and the marine environment coupled with a passion for marine conservation and stewardship is unique in the commercial fishing industry. His thirst for adventure has taken him to many parts of the world to ski, hike, bike and explore among diverse peoples and cultures. He is always happy to return home to Kachemak Bay where another adventure always awaits.

Ella Parks

Boat Captain and Guide

Meet Ella, a licensed captain and kayak guide who has been guiding and running boats most of her life. Ella has extensive knowledge of the Kachemak Bay ecosystem, including the various marine animals, birds, and plants that call it home. She is passionate about educating her clients about the importance of preserving these delicate environments for future generations.

Hoxie Parks

Boat Captain and Guide

Hoxie Parks was born and raised in Homer. He is the captain for the businesses main boat, the Billyhawk. He is currently attending the University of Alaska Anchorage and is pursuing a degree in Aviation. He is passionate about the outdoors whether he’s traveling by boat on the Kachemak Bay or flying above the Chugiak Mountain Range. He is excited to show each traveler just a glimpse of the fantastic experiences that Kachemak Bay has to offer and the place he calls home.

Taz Tally


Taz Tally engages in life as an outdoor adventurer, photographer, geologist and writer. Taz is the author of the outdoor adventure books 50 Hikes In Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, and Backroads & Byways of Alaska. Taz teaches geology and outdoor adventure courses for the University of Alaska, and photography and digital imaging classes through the online graphic arts University Session.edu. Taz has also written numerous books on digital imaging and has online digital imaging training courses through LinkedIn. Taz can often be found roaming the landscapes of Alaska and enjoys sharing this landscape and outdoor expertises with others as an outdoor adventure guide. Taz loves his home in Homer, Alaska, where he delights in capturing images while mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, backpacking and Nordic skiing.

Vianney Chauvet


Vianney is a Kayak Guide, Volunteer EMT, Firefighter, Phlebotomist and Medical Assistant. While he loves helping people, he also has a great love for the outdoors and sharing with others. In his off time, you can find him exploring Kachemak Bay, hiking or paddling. Vianney has been in Homer for nearly 7 years and is one of our lead guides at Kachemak Bay Adventures. Come with him for an incredible adventure

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St. Augustine's Kayak & Tours, Alan's Water Taxi & Kachemak Bay Adventures, and the Parks family support conservation organizations by volunteering our time and contributing part of our income to environmental and conservation issues.