It’s simple! The more adult passengers on the same water taxi crossing Kachemak Bay, the less fare each adult passenger pays and the lower your carbon footprint.

Carbon Rebates

We place the highest value on the health of the waters of Kachemak Bay and the mountains rising from its shores to the clouds, and we acknowledge the first people of this land who inhabited this place for thousands of years before us.

It is because of these values that we are making every effort possible to reduce our fuel consumption and increase (transportation?) efficiency on land and sea.

We have proven our commitment to reduce fuel consumption by our actions. In 2023 we introduced the water taxi M/V Beowulf into our operations, reducing 1/3 of the fuel we use, which was beyond our expectations.

In 2022, we lengthened and repowered the M/V Billy Hawk, resulting in a huge improvement in efficiency, less fuel used, and faster speeds.

In 2024, we are launching a "get out the word" campaign on Carbon Rebates, a program that lowers your carbon footprint and saves you money at the same time.

How it Works. The Details!

Determine your Destination & Route from the water taxi route map and give us a call at 907-235-5680.

We can help you plan your adventure.

Water Taxi Route Map

Carbon Rebate Rules

Carbon rebates apply to adult passengers only. Kids 12 and under crossing Kachemak Bay on our water taxi are not included in the number of passengers determining carbon rebates.

Carbon rebates apply to round trip fares only. One-way adult passengers do not receive carbon rebates, but one-way adult passengers are included in calculating carbon rebates.

Water taxi reservations are required with payment by credit card or Venmo (if this payment requirement is a problem, talk to us).

Carbon rebates are issued back to qualifying passengers between 5pm and 10pm on the day reserved trip was completed.

Carbon rebates will be issued to the credit card for which payment was made, or Venmo. Sorry, no carbon rebates in cash.

Here's How Our Carbon Rebates Work


You are the first two passengers to book a round trip water taxi for the Grewingk Glacier Lake hike on a specific day & time, the round-trip water taxi rate is based on 1 to 3 Passengers Riding the water taxi, the rate is $97. per person, but at check-in the water taxi is now full with six people, the round-trip rate is now based on, 5 to 6 Passengers Riding our Water Taxi, reducing the fare to $86. per person, we refund you $11 per person, Carbon Rebate your carbon footprint is reduced from 125lbs per person to 41.6lbs per person, reducing carbon footprint by 84lbs per person.

Three adult passengers make a water taxi reservation for the Glacier Lake Trailhead, departing at 10am. This is a green water taxi route and the rate for three adult passengers crossing Kachemak Bay is $97.00 per person.

At check-in, three additional adult passengers have made reservations. Now the total of adult passengers crossing Kachemak Bay on the water taxi is six. The rate for six adult passengers crossing Kachemak Bay on the same water taxi is $86.00 for adults per person. The original three adult passengers that paid $97.00 per person now receive a Carbon Rebate of $11.00 per person.

Frequently Asked Questions

The lowest fare you will pay is:

Green Route is $86

Blue Route is $100

Red Route is $110

Yes absolutely! We encourage it! Being flexible is part of the solution. Thats why it's important that you let us know how flexible of a schedule you have and that we know how to contact you.
The carbon footprint crossing Kachemak Bay in a water taxi is determined by the type of fuel, amount used, and how many passengers are on the water taxi. The range is huge, as much as 250 pounds to as little as 6.73 pounds. To determine exactly Click Here
We will issue a carbon rebate to the credit card used for payment or to Venmo, between 5pm and 10pm on the day tour was completed. Carbon rebates in cash are not available.
A carbon footprint is the amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2.) released into the air because of your own energy needs, like taking a water taxi to go hiking or kayaking in Kachemak Bay State Park.
The reaction of burning gas into the air adds weight, the added weight is in the form of two oxygen atoms to every one carbon atom. this reaction is why a gallon of gas weighing 6.3 pounds produces about 20 pounds of Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

For more details Click Here

Schedule Your Ride

Our water taxi service operates as we receive reservations and the daily schedule is centered around reservations made. Your early reservation is our scheduling priority. We will add other passengers to a water taxi as reservations are made. No matter if you make reservations months in advance or on the same day you want to go, our boats can take you with little delay.

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The Carbon Rebate Ride is based on our values and reflects our commitment to reduce our emissions by creating a partnership with our clients that we believe is part of a solution.