How It Works

Its simple. The more passengers on the same water taxi crossing Kachemak Bay, the less fare each passenger pays, and the lower your carbon footprint.

We strive to create an wondrous experience in Kachemak Bay. We practice environmental stewardship on land and sea reducing cO2 emissions and waste where ever we can. The Carbon Rebate Ride establishes variable rates based on the number of passengers at time of check reducing your carbon footprint while enjoying this special place we call home Kachemak Bay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes absolutely! We encourage it! Being flexible is part of the solution. Thats why it's important that you let us know how flexible of a schedule you have and that we know how to contact you.
After everyone is checked in prior to departure we will then issue a rebate back to you.
A carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases produced by a particular human activity.

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The Carbon Rebate Ride is based on our values and reflects our commitment to reduce our emissions by creating a partnership with our clients that we believe is part of a solution.